My name's Kaytee and I've been an artist since I brought my finger painting talents to my mother's bedroom wall at the age of of four.

I dove into the retail side of makeup early on, working for several luxury cosmetic brands. I spent eight years working for different brands and completing their various training programs.

I ended my retail career with MAC cosmetics as a Key Artist and a partnering agent to their management team as a product specialist. From there I took my first steps into the freelance world.

I started working in bridal, and slowly made my way into fashion editorial, runway,  tv, and film. It was love at first brushstroke and I never looked back!

When creating my brand, I really wanted a way to create a more personal and interactive experience. Makeup can be completely transformative or subtly enhancing and should be customized for each individual!

I run on espresso over ice and everything fabulous! You can guarantee you’ll here me say the words “YAS, QUEEN!” at least once a conversation. I’m shamelessly silly that way. I believe in celebrating everything in life that makes you smile + will definitely do my best to have you feeling the same way!

Photo by Olivia Reed Photography